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A Grandfather’s Memory

Lina was one of the great joys in my life. Every time I talked with her she laughed and smiled. Lina loved life. That is why it is so hard for me as her grandfather to understand how she could take her own life.

She is gone from this earth far too early. She told me of the many things she wanted to achieve in life. I always enjoyed listening to her tell me about her dreams or just talking about little things. I could hear the happiness in her voice when we talked on the phone.

Due to COVID, I had not seen my beautiful granddaughter in almost three years. Now the final memory I have of her is her funeral and internment. I miss her smile, her laugh, the jokes she made, and most of all her love.

I have always had the gift of public speaking. That is one thing that pointed me toward my current business as a voice actor. I have used my gift for some motivational talks, standup comedy, announcing rodeos, voicing animated shows, and other areas as a voice actor. But I have always wondered what Heavenly Father wanted me to do with this gift.

I have been saved from death numerous times throughout my life. I never knew why until now. It was on June 10, 2022, when I received the call about the death of my granddaughter. I have never felt so much pain in my life. But it was almost instantly that I now knew what I am supposed to do. My mission is to use my public speaking to spread the word about the pain and devastation that is left behind after a suicide. If people who are depressed enough to take their own life could know what they are doing to their loved ones, then perhaps, just perhaps, it might save some lives.

It is by doing this I will hopefully help someone like my wonderful Lina. I would call her my Little Lovable Lina. She then told me that she liked Llamas. Therefore, I had to change the name to my Little Lovable Llama Lina.

I miss you my Lovable Little Lina

With Love, Grandpa